StoppenLook's first trade-shows!

Stoppenlook Trade-show signWell, just back from back-to-back first! Both unexpected so bit of a scramble to say the least :)

Spooky Fall Fun!

Last year, my little grand-niece was sitting in the back seat when she spied two HUGE dogs through the window and begged her mother to stop the car. As it turned out - these particular doggies were made from haybales!

The Evolution of the Island Peekabout Series

When I first had the idea for the Island Peekabout series, I had originally thought to make little paintings of typical Island places that I think of as "home-like". I also wanted them to be rather, ahem, simple.

However, as I did each one, the detail came out more and more - which is in my nature. I also began to see that folks appreciated these little paintings and the ones with more detail seemed to fair best.

A Visit to Greenwich

Greenwich National Park

The perfect afternoon - "Mouse-hunting" in Charlottetown!

Eckhart the Mouse

Unknown to many, there is a wee mouse darting in and around historic downtown Charlottetown. One so infamous that he was actually thrown off Church property! 

"Milk & Cookies"

(Original posting from 11 March 2013)
Moving home last May was really quite a bittersweet still is.
It's so beautiful here that it takes my breathe away.

A Walk on the Island's North Side

Wise Island Fox
(Original posting from 4 May 2013)
This past week was quite a high what with pulling everything together to launch my children's site Tuesday night.

Meet Bosley, Raja & T-O!

StoppenLook at these three adorable greyhounds...
Bosley, Raja and T-O!

These lovely, retired racers were adopted by friends of ours, Jeff & Marco. They now get to stretch their legs running around the Island countryside!

Marco was kind enough to send along some interesting information about these sweethearts:

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