A Walk on the Island's North Side

Wise Island Fox
(Original posting from StoppenLook.com 4 May 2013)
This past week was quite a high what with pulling everything together to launch my children's site Tuesday night. Prior to the launch, I hadn't stuck my head outside for quite some time so when my husband and I woke up on Wednesday we decided that we'd pack up our cameras and get some fresh air in the countryside.
Originally we had planned to go over Stanley Bridge way but ran into a detour with the bridge closeout (I'm assuming from the last storm we had). I then remembered that the National Park over Cavendish way should be open so we headed north!
What a beautiful day to be there! It was sunny and warm. The water was crystal clear. We ran into only one other person there who, like us, had come to walk the quiet shoreline.
There are so many different kinds of shorelines along the Island. On the south side, you'll find sandbars that stretch for miles during low tide. On the north side, you'll find dunes of white sand. All over the Island you will find rugged, red rocky cliffs.  If you are really lucky, you'll find a patch of small, wild strawberries growing near the schrubs and grassy tops of the clifftop.
PEI National Park
I love these cliffs - as a child, I used to scramble down the cliffs to the shore to hunt for pieces of coloured salted-glass and find unusual pieces of driftwood that contained "spirits" (outlines of animal and people faces). I also treasured the small, pretty rocks and seashells (especially sand dollars). Back then, you were warned about (and had a healthy dose of respect for) the cliffs but Island children knew how to shimmy down the cliffs to the shore. Having heard the many stories told by our parents and grandparents, our parents trusted that we would use our "street-wise" country sense - it was all part of growing up and learning how to make and learn from our decisions.
 While on the beach, we came across two underground streams that were creating a mist across the shore as they made their way to the ocean. It was so peaceful there that we took a few moments just to close our eyes, soak up the sun and listen to the ocean.
These are moments that life is all about and everyone should make time for. They cost nothing yet are priceless.
On the drive back through the National Park, "Mr. Fox" decided that we would not get past him without the password - or food. Preferably the latter. We worried that he was so tame and in the middle of the road. I had to slow down and, as I did so, he immediately came to the window on the driver's side. Once he was beside me I could tell that he was an elder red fox and judging from his wise and patient eyes, he knew full well that he had just cut me off!
He only got a hello from me so then went around to the other side and implored my hubby for a treat. Instead, he was asked if he'd mind a photo shoot. To my hubby's delight, he seemed quite flattered at the prospect.
After a few shots, we said our goodbyes. As I drove away, I looked back at him in the rear-view mirror. At that moment, a huge hare leaped out from behind the bushes, past the red fox, across the road and dove into the bushes on the other side. I guess Mr. Fox was still bathing in our admiration for he just sat there, on the side of the road, and watched the hare disappear!
I would like to thank my husband, Reza, for letting me use his photos! All the photos in this blog were taken by him :)
Island Red Fox


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