Grampy's Boxer Shorts

This little Peekabout™ was inspired by two dear family members - my Grandfather Stewart and my Uncle Earl.

My grandfather was a quiet man - a gentle soul who enjoyed his pipe. He also loved his morning grapefruit - there was always a glass jar of grapefruit spoons on the table at their house. I was quite small but memories of him are very special. I know that he meant a great deal to me as he was quite often fiddling with the old floor model radio in the livingroom and, to get to him, I had to cross over a dreadfully scary heating grate at the foot of the stairs. There was just no way to get around it so I had to muster all the courage I had and make a hop-run for it! Then soon after I'd be up in his lap and, with his one left hand (he had lost his right arm in a workplace accident), he'd fish into his pocket and bring out a Scottish peppermint for me.
We were great buddies and I followed him around everywhere - even watching him shave in the small alcove off the kitchen...much like Grandpa beaver above (except I didn't have to hide in a laundry basket!).

My uncle Earl was my Dad's 'classy' brother. My father used to grin and say that Earl got all the class but he'd got all the looks ;) Uncle Earl and Aunt Teeny used to come to the Island to visit every other summer. They'd drive up from Elkton, Virginia and a visit with them was right up there with one from Santa! They would stay at a motel close by and I would usually get a chance to bunk over with them for a night. I was a little in awe of my Uncle Earl as he did have something about him that, when he stepped into a room, made folks wonder who he was...I guess you could say he had the 'X-Factor' ;) So you can imagine my surprise when Aunt Teeny and I were under the covers and ready for bed and my Uncle Earl shouts from the bathroom, "Don't look anybody! No peeking!" - Well...What's a wee girl to do? I peeked! And my Uncle Earl came running out of the bathroom wearing these white boxer shorts with HUGE red polka-dots all over them!! I'm sure my eyes were big as saucers as I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing. I'm also sure, now that I'm older and know how mischievious he was, that both he and Aunt Teeny had trouble muffling their laughter knowing full well they'd shocked the socks off their little niece!


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