Spooky Fall Fun!

Last year, my little grand-niece was sitting in the back seat when she spied two HUGE dogs through the window and begged her mother to stop the car. As it turned out - these particular doggies were made from haybales!

Each year Kool Breeze Farms, which is located on the right-hand side of the road as you cross over the bridge into Summerside, puts together a delightful playground made out of haybales and straw-folk for the children.

There's even a corn maze...although it seems fairly guarded by some unusal and unique characters...

If you get scared off the playground by ole Hairy here...

You can head over to the Garden Centre where, along with fruits, veggies and garden supplies, you'll find some lovely items such as these in their shop...

Or, some not so lovely things...er, lady. Sorry Madam, but you look a fright!!

A couple of things that I noticed while there - the playground where the haybale animals, creatures, straw-folk and all sorts of other things such as straw trains and trackors are, is free of charge. There is a charge to go through the corn maze. There was also a large sign saying that they have an annual scarecrow contest in September!

Oh! And the huge haybale puppies are there again this year ;)

Great scared-silly fun for the whole family!


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