Photo Art Prints

These prints are actually a bit of photography and art combined. After I choose a particular shot that I've taken, I spend many hours bringing out those elements of that particular shot that speak to me and digitally paint/transform them into the prints you see here. Depending upon the shot, I'll use either a matte or lustre surfaced paper. Each product indicates which paper has been used. (Matte Surface) I print each one by hand on an Epson R2000 wide-format printer to ensure it is faithfully reproduced from the original. The archival quality paper that I chose is one that makes the colours 'pop' on the flat, matte surface. Using this specific paper/ink combo, Epson states, with proper care, the life of these prints will exceed 110 years. (Lustre Surface) These archival quality photo prints are made using the finest Epson products. The paper has a soft luster scheen and a good feel to it. Quality is twofold - both paper & ink qualify. In addition, to accentuate the beauty of the image, the prints have an extra layer of gloss. To ensure the print meets high standards, each print is printed by hand, by me, on an Epson R2000 wide-format printer. This particular Epson paper has a lightfastness of 97 years while the Epson ink has a stability value of over 200 years under glass - 300 years in an album so these prints will be around long after you and me! ;) Please respect the laws of copyright - all rights to my images/work are ©StoppenLook - they may not be cropped/altered/reproduced in any way without my sole permission.