A long overdue update

Hello everyone,

As I sit here watching the snow gently fall, I thought it might be a good time to update everyone.

For the past two years I have, unfortunately, been quite ill in both mind and body. It has left me with a permanent head tremor and tinnitus. I went through physio as, at the worst of it, I had trouble walking and getting out of a chair. The tremor started in my arms and hands which is why you haven't seen any new work in quite some time. My hands are fairly steady now. Although I cannot work with paper or canvas yet (my hands tremor when I put pressure on a pen or brush), I pray that will improve. I have learned that I can work on my iPad as it is like painting on ice - no need to press down on the pen! It does take some getting used to but I have been working on several pieces. It also forgives my mistakes. 
Amazingly, the app counts every stroke I make...my word! You wouldn't believe the numbers if I told you! 

I am hoping to complete these "paintings on ice" and make prints. I cannot put a timeline on that as I tire easily. I will no longer be taking orders so will have to update my web shop but I will update here and my FB page when some are completed and ready for sale either through me or the lovely PEICC shop downtown Charlottetown, PE.

Please note that I don't go on FB very often anymore but you can always send me an email!

Blessings and hugs,





Blog update stoppenlook

Love that you can share your art this new way. Your ideas are delightful in colour and detailed content. Keep recovering❤️

Thank you

Thank you ❤️

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