Upon Reflection

I am happy to say that I am back in my Studio again! In truth, I needed a break...a step back and reflect break from having struggled so hard trying to create a living where I felt my heart was always pinned to my sleeve. I will always create - I've never stopped - I just directed it into making things for our home - designing gardens around the house, etc. This consumed my time along with having started a full-time job in an unfamiliar field. All the while, StoppenLook sat gloomily upstairs in my Studio heaving a big sigh every time I came within earshot. I went through a range of emotions...guilt (not producing enough, quickly enough), anger (let's not go there...), frustration (HUGE) and anxiety (can one live on wine and chocolate alone?). When StoppenLook came to mind - not one of those emotions was happy. So...I stayed away a little longer than I had expected or intended so I could figure out how in the world I could make my Studio a happy place again.

It took a lot of soul searching. I made a 'cosy corner' in my Studio where I could scoop up our little rabbit, Roman, and have a quiet morning coffee. Slowly, I started hanging out there. Tentatively picking up this sketch book or that to filter through old ideas and have new ones pop into my head - in between pats, of course. Heavens forbid that the pats should stop! That and fending him off my sketches - who knew paper was so chewy?...or iPhone cords?! 

Slowly, I got my groove back, I guess you could say. There's a lot of darkness out there in the World today and I'd be lying if I said it doesn't affect me...so, what can I do?
I'm back at the beginning.
My father always said that there is a gift in every day...you only had to 'stop and look'. That's what I had set out to do...create a little sunshine...bring a smile to someone's face or a fond memory. 'The Business' turned me into a puppet - tangling all my strings so I could no longer dance. The strings are cut now...and I'm dancing again!


My latest piece - Snow Kisses

(December 2018)

Snow Kisses

My Studio Assistant - Roman!





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