"Milk & Cookies"

(Original posting from StoppenLook.com 11 March 2013)
Moving home last May was really quite a bittersweet experience...it still is.
It's so beautiful here that it takes my breathe away. Yesterday, my husband and I were driving in the country and we couldn't help admiring how the grey, weathered fences and dark evergreens had sketched the outlines of little patchwork fields in the snow.

It wasn't long before we came to the top of the big hill that leads down into the little community of Hunter River. This is one of our favourite places and we knew that we couldn't go through the village without first stopping by The River Bakery & Cafe.

Once inside, you have to go by big, old-fashioned loaves of bread, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, squares and pies to get to the little cafe. If you aren't tempted going in, even with a full belly, trust me you won't make it past all those goodies on the way out!
Especially, the cookies. 
Specifically the ginger-snaps.
Remember I mentioned about my move home being bittersweet? Well, this is partly why. While I lived away, many loved ones passed on. One of them being my Grandmother Stewart ("Billie", as she was affectionately called).Grammie Stewart (Billie)

The other day, much to my surprise, I saw a post on Facebook about my grandmother's cookies. Someone from "the Hill" (the Wood Island hill in Montague) was reminiscing and missing times past when my Grandmother would bake her big, plump molasses cookies and the aroma would drift across the street to their place.

Well now, I'd have to say that biting into one of these bakery gingersnaps throws me right back in time, plunking me smack down on one of the old high-backed chairs at my grandparent's dining table. A tall glass of cold milk and a plate of her delicious cookies in front of me. They are that good.
Sitting on the the high-backed chair at Grammie's table.
How wonderful it was to be at Grammie's if only for a bittersweet moment...
So in closing I'd like to give thanks to the Father Above...
Thank you for my Grammie Stewart.
Thank you for bakeries like the little one in Hunter River that remind me of how lucky I am to have had her in my life.
And thanks for the milk and cookies. 
The drawing of Grammie that I did when I was four.
If you look to the right side of the picture by her hand, you will find her rolling pin! 


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