Meet Bosley, Raja & T-O!

StoppenLook at these three adorable greyhounds...
Bosley, Raja and T-O!

These lovely, retired racers were adopted by friends of ours, Jeff & Marco. They now get to stretch their legs running around the Island countryside!

Marco was kind enough to send along some interesting information about these sweethearts:

  • They are in the top 10 most gentle dog breeds.
  • They can run up to 39 to 45 miles per hour, in 3 to 4 strides.
  • The breed is over 4000 yrs old, they were used in Egypt to catch rabbits (Don't tell our bunny Nim!!)
  • Some famous people that owned a Greyhound: Cleopatra, Christopher Columbus & Al Capone.
  • They are very quiet and need very little exercise.
  • They come in 18 primary colors and 55 different color combinations.
  • Many people that are allergic to dogs are not allergic to Greyhound because of their sleek coat and skin type.

After their racing career most of the racing track will let people adopt these wonderful dogs and they make a fantastic new family addition friendly pet.*

When I met Bosley, Raja and T-O, I was struck by their beauty but then when I realized how gentle and sweet they are (and, I'm not allergic to them), I immediately fell in love.
Their gentleness, good behaviour and sweetness (not to mention their fashion sense!) speaks volumes about the attention, care and love they get at home :)

*As with any pet, never under estimate the time, care and cost necessary to ensure their health and happiness!

(Image courtesy of Marco LeBoeuf & Jeff Haight)


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